Passion is the leitmotiv that guides my work.

Be it passion for all things culinary or a passion for people – I believe that putting your lifeblood into what you do is the key to success.

As the author of several successful cookbooks, I enjoy a degree of media recognition and am often invited to events in Switzerland, Europe and overseas. When I am invited to signings, or as a guest or keynote speaker, I have the opportunity to discuss my work – as author, chef or connoisseur – and food-related matters with the public. Or to serve as inspiration, when I talk about my career and my time with the Swiss Guard, which was an important phase of my life.

I cater for special events and cook for private persons and companies, sharing my approach to gourmet and healthy food. This sometimes ties in ideally with a cooking class.
In that case, instead of cooking alone, I can share and transmit my know-how to others. Young people are particularly close to my heart and I try to do my part and contribute to their development by cooking with youngsters and schools.

As a passionate connoisseur, with the necessary background knowledge, I am often invited by restaurants and hotels to participate in mystery guesting or as a “gastro-tester”. Since I always strive for excellence, I really enjoy these assignments where I can try out and develop my ideas and input for the benefit of the guests.

I hope I have managed to transmit some of my passion and enthusiasm to you; it would be a pleasure to participate in your next event as a guest, speaker, chef, tester or cooking course leader.

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