When he was eighteen, for his school-leaving assignment, David Geisser wrote a cookbook under the title “Around the World in 80 Plates” and became an overnight celebrity with the national press. He then published several articles and was invited on TV talk shows, including on “Aeschbacher”.

After gathering some work experience in the romantic gourmet restaurant “Motto del Gallo” near Taverne, he started his apprenticeship with “Casale”, a Gault and Millau restaurant in Wetzikon run by star chef Antonio Colaianni. He rounded off his training with another two years’ experience at “Colors”, UBS’s management restaurant at the Paradeplatz in Zurich.

The Tagesanzeiger has compared him with England’s star chef Jamie Oliver. Apart from his professional skills and success which are quite outstanding for someone his age, his commitment and charisma are sure to open doors for him in the future.

David Geisser spent 2013 – 2015 ​in the popal service of the Swiss Guards in Rome and wrote, aside from his service, his third cookbook “Buon Appetito” which gained international success. Followed by his own Youtube Channel “It’s cooking time” and the release of his fourth cookbook “Apéro Riche” within the last two years.

David Geissers newest project is the openining of his own cooking studio in Wermatswil (ZH). He loves the chance to share his experiences and knowledge even in person.


Passion is the leitmotiv that guides my work and doings.

Be it passion for all things culinary or a passion for people – I believe that putting your lifeblood into what you do is the key to success.

As the author of several successful cookbooks, I enjoy a degree of media recognition and am often invited to events in Switzerland, Europe and overseas. When I am invited to signings, or as a guest or keynote speaker, I have the opportunity to discuss my work – as author, chef or connoisseur – and food-related matters with the public. Or to serve as inspiration, when I talk about my career and my time with the Swiss Guard, which was an important phase of my life.

I cater for special events and cook for private persons and companies, sharing my approach to gourmet and healthy food. This sometimes ties in ideally with a cooking class.

In that case, instead of cooking alone, I can share and transmit my know-how to others. Young people are particularly close to my heart and I try to do my part and contribute to their development by cooking with youngsters and schools.

As a passionate connoisseur, with the necessary background knowledge, I am often invited by restaurants and hotels to participate in mystery guesting or as a “gastro-tester”. Since I always strive for excellence, I really enjoy these assignments where I can try out and develop my ideas and input for the benefit of the guests.

I hope I have managed to transmit some of my passion and enthusiasm to you; it would be a pleasure to participate in your next event as a guest, speaker, chef, tester or cooking course leader.

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